How to understand the difference between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ hands in blackjack

How to understand the difference between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ hands in blackjack

One of the great things about playing casino games is the deep strategy that some offer. Blackjack certainly hits the mark here to keep players entertained. The great thing now is that finding somewhere to enjoy a hand or two is easier than ever thanks to online casinos!

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It is key to learn to play blackjack though before you dive right in. One key factor is understanding soft and hard hands. What are they exactly?

What is a soft and hard hand in blackjack?

A soft hand is one that contains an Ace. For example, if you get dealt an Ace and an 8, you are holding a soft hand.What about a hard hand? You may already have guessed that this is a hand that does not contain any Aces. For example, if you get dealt a 6 and an 8 initially, this is a hard hand.

What difference does it make?

For new players to blackjack, this is a common question. After all, why does it matter whether your hand is hard or soft? It all comes down to the fact that Aces can count for either 1 or 11 in standard blackjack. This means that soft hands give players far less risk and far more options going forward than hard ones.

If you are dealt an Ace and an 8, this could either total 9 (if you count the Ace as being worth 1) or 19 (if you count the Ace as being worth 11). In light of this, you may then choose to hit and see if you can make more than 19 by counting the Ace as 1. If you were then dealt a 2, you could instead count the Ace as 11 to make 21.Of course, the reverse is true for hard hands. Whatever value cards you get dealt, you are stuck with them. A 10 and a 5 will always be 15, no matter how you cut it!

Is a hard or soft hand in blackjack better?

While there is no definitive answer, most players probably prefer the reduced risk and extra flexibility that soft hands bring. The next time you are playing blackjack, try to keep these terms in mind and use them to improve your play.